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Our US made and patented QUIET-RIOT auto-sensing exhaust baffles offer both quieting and performance

Quiet-Riot was developed because all other baffles have one setting.  Our auto-sensing baffles sense exhaust pressure and respond by clearing more ported area at higher throttle settings.  

Boost your midrange in straight pipe applications

Straight thu or drag pipes work at full throttle, but rob you of midrange at cruising speeds.  our baffles boost your midrange to give you  sweeter ride, and better power where you ride most.

Available in many sizes

Quiet-Riot is available in sizes for 1-3/4" O.D. pipes up to 2-1/2" O.D. pipes

Available as a pair for 2 into 2 applications or single baffles for 2 into 1 pipes

Quiet Riots are $169. for a pair or $129. for single units.  Shipping is $10. in the continental US

Order 2.36" O.D. Baffle PAIR here:

Order 2.36" O.D Baffle SINGLE here:

Order 2.100" O.D. baffle PAIR here:

Order 2.100" O.D. baffle SINGLE here:


 Order 1.620" O.D. baffle PAIR here: